About Our Agency

Our agency has been created in 2004 in Monaco.

It is working in more than 70 countries and it is dealing with events planners and event management companies worldwide.

We are specialized in magicians and illusionists but also circus performers, circus artists and variety type of acts.


We are always looking for new artists to thrill clients and guests in all countries where we work.

Our creative team will closely work with you in order to develop something very special and unique for your events.


The only boundaries are your imagination !

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Our Creative Team

Alexandre Hourdequin
The head of the agency, Alex has worked the prestigious Monte-Carlo Magic Stars..

Pierre-Henri Louzeau
Magician himself, Pierre-Henri is reagularly working with top magicians worldwide.

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Our Skills

We are very well aware of the magic business.
We do know very well magic, magicians and illusionists.
From Las Vegas to China, we have worked on many magic shows. We even had to create special effects for launching products in France with world-renown stars being part of the show.
We have a definite know-how!

We have a huge catalog of talents worldwide
Being considered as one of the leading talent agencies in the world, we gather more than 3 000 artists and shows for events.
Many of them have won awards and prizes in different festivals and competitions across the globe.
Rest assured that we will have the talent that you are looking for!

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